NYC 4Ds on September 9, 2024


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About the Day
Part master class and part workshop, 4Ds will take you under the hood of VaynerX, not only analyzing the work we do for some of the largest brands in the world but more importantly, how those tactics and strategies can help you achieve the attention and objectives your business deserves.

The Sasha Group will be updating the 4Ds curriculum and experience to focus on key elements of marketing for the year we live in. These include:

  • Strategic Organic Content, the relevance-focused approach at the core of our work across clients in the VaynerX world
  • Platform Updates and Best Practices to keep you and your marketing expertise sharpened with the right intel across paid media, technology, and consumer engagement
  • Foundational thinking to ensure you’re building brands that will have relevance in today’s fast-changing landscape

We’re focused on shifting the 4Ds experience to a workshop format as opposed to the seminar approach we’ve taken to date. This will give us the opportunity to provide more detailed feedback to your brand(s), and help participants walk away with more actionable next steps.

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Looking forward to hosting you!